Sunday, August 14, 2011

Show tracks for Sat. Aug. 13/11

"Oh my god, what a fucking nightmare!"
To borrow a line from the lovely Marisa Tomei in the brilliant My Cousin Vinny.
Last night was just that a nightmare. CJAM installed a new logging system for us djs. I knew it was going to be a handful for the first couple times but I had no idea how time consuming it was going to be. I spent more time looking at a computer monitor than I did the cd players and it showed. Mistake after mistake. Please don't download this It got better by the end of the show. So hopefully next week will back to normal. If you managed to stay the whole show you deserve a medal for
After all that, there was some music played miraculously....

twisted charm - boring lifestyles
miles kane & the death ramps - little illusion machine aka arctic monkeys w/ miles kane
male bonding - tame the sun
the big pink - velvet
the horrors - you said
the smiths - death of a disco dancer
fax machine - 1981
theme park - war
rapids! - comets
stealing signs - write this down
friendly fires - i'm good I'm gone (lykke li cover)
simply red - money's to tight (to mention) (live)
sade - hang on to your love
noah & the whale - call your boyfriend (robyn cover)
hard fi - fire in the house
keith top of the pops - fuck you! I'm keith top of the pops
carter the unstoppable sex machine - sheriff fatman
art brut - ice hockey
lindsay muir's untamed - land of 1000 dances
alice gold - runaway love
funeral suits - florida
niteflights - marnie
electricity in our homes - aching, breaking, shaking for you
trailer trash traceys - dies in 55
no ceremony - hurt love
the new mastersounds - free man
adele - set fire to the rain (moonlight matters remix)
man without country - king complex
bastille - laura palmer
the wild swans - when time stood still
skint & demoralised - maria, full of grace
soft hearted scientists - the trees don't seem to know it's september
the real thing - children of the ghetto/standhope street

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