Sunday, January 23, 2011

Show tracks for Sat. Jan. 22/11

I'm finding how much we rely on computers. You only notice it when you don't have one. Managed to sort out all the new releases. I really miss buying new records/cd singles. It was so much fun going to the store on new release day and getting a handful of new singles. Indeed, the digital age is upon us. I know, I'm a bit slow on the uptake
So, loads of new stuff this week. Very excited about the new Glasvegas and Joy Formidable. Glad to see a new single from The Minnaars, I was a huge fan of Tired Irie. Ah hell, who am I kidding not a weak track in the show tonight, if I do say so

esben & the witch - marching song
british sea power - georgie ray
glasvegas - the world is yours
chapel club - surfacing
white lies - is love
polysonic - the sun
fenech-soler - demons
pete & the pirates - winter 1
jenn grant - getcha good (cc)
the brute chorus - birdman
zoey van goey - extremities
exlovers - blowing kisses
the gaa gaas - hypnoti(z)ed
the minnaars - anstrad lions
the go! team - buy nothing day w/ bethany from best coast
lp session - the joy formidable "the big roar"
the joy formidable - the magnifying glass
the joy formidable - a heavy abacus
the joy formidable - llaw = wall
city reign - out in the cold
trophy wife - microlite
the sand band - all through the night
erland & the carnival - my name is carnival
televised crimewave - help the girl
guitaro - come get sums (cc)
women - bullfight (cc)
fair ohs - jeanneret
cold pumas - the french note
friendo - pass times (cc)
freebass - not too late

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