Sunday, November 14, 2010

Show tracks for Sat. Nov. 13/10

Wow, November is half over already. It's time to start thinking about future shows. I think a Rewind! in two weeks is called for. Since Christmas is on a Saturday this year, I think that will be a Rewind! as well. That means the Festive 50 will be January 1st & 8th.

There must have been a little release glut right before the holiday season. Three albums showed up, so we did three mini lp sessions. They are all quality releases and deserve to be heard. So much great music , so little time. Rather that than more time and less music. Hmmm more time....oh the possibilities.

yaaks - hrhrhythm
the good natured - be my animal
phil wilson - i own it
allo darlin' - my heart is a drummer
the sequins - man alive
young galaxy - peripheral visionaries (cc)
the view - sunday
carl barĂ¢t - so long, my lover
roses kings castles - shut your stupid mouth (from Suburban Timebombs)
roses kings castles - subtleties of love (from Suburban Timebombs)
the scottish enlightement - pascal
mt. desolation - bitter pill (request)
a silent film - sleeping pills
memoryhouse - caregiver (cc)
teen daze - watch over me (cc)
plug - money loves drugs fame
white noise sound - sunset (from White Noise Sound)
white noise sound - don't wait for me (from White Noise Sound)
the duke spirit - victory
working for a nuclear free city - the king and june
paul smith - our lady of lourdes
i like trains - hope is not enough (from He Who Saw The Deep)
i like trains - a divorce before marriage (from He Who Saw The Deep)
beady eye - bring the light
the lines - how it should be
the vaccines - wreckin' bar (ra ra ra)
diego & the dissidents - nerve storm
uffie - hong kong garden

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