Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Show tracks for Sat. Jan. 09/10

Sorry for the delay in posting but I'm feeling a little, not lazy or tired, but disinterested or distracted. Affecting anyone else? I wonder if this is a seasonal thing....hmmm
By the way, Happy Birthday David Bowie!

david bowie - station to station
echo & the bunnymen - forgotten fields
brett anderson - frozen roads
jj - ecstasy
the good natured - red skin
the cribs - hey scenesters!
get back guinozzi! - go back to school
the slits - reject
steve mason - all come down (request)
the brothers movement - blind
loop - brittle head girl (request)
-----lp session codeine velvet club "s/t"
codeine velvet club - time
codeine velvet club - the black roses
codeine velvet club - i would send you roses
codeine velvet club - like a full moon
the courteeners - cross my heart & hope to fly
blur - oily water (live from hyde park)
the wolfmen - i'm not a young man anymore
frankie & the heartbeats - hunger
new young pony club - lost a girl
woodhands - cp24
bishi - one nation (under cctv)
arcade eden - black light
these new puritans - we want war
sunshine underground - coming to save you
blood red shoes - light it up
northern portrait - new favourite moment
field music - measure
duffy - rain on your parade
all the days - violet

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