Sunday, September 20, 2009

Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 19/09

Actually, three things are coming.

CJAM needs your Support!
CJAM Annual Pledge Drive September 25 - October 5

CJAM is moving to 99.1FM!
Oct. 5/09 at midnight after the Pledge Drive closes for this year, CJAM will go off the air for a few days while the switch 99.1FM is concluded. So by that Saturday, October 10, our show should be on 99.1FM.

After all the hullabaloo of the pledge drive and frequency switch, we will be debuting a new aspect of our show. The weekly show will remain the same as always, but there is a special addition coming soon. It's still a secret. We'll announce it on our fist show on 99.1FM.
Well, now that all the announcements are done, time to get down to business. The show was slightly pre-empted by Lancer football. I feared on my way in that I didn't bring enough material, but the quickly ran out of time. We'll see you next week for the first in our pledge drive shows. So save your pennies and call in.

band of skulls - death by diamonds & pearls
florence & the machine - my boy builds coffins
the kinks - situation vacant
blur - london loves
the clash - hateful
jamie t - the man's machine
ash - true love 1980
wild beasts - when i'm sleepy
everything everything - my kz ur bf
your twenties - billionaires
codes in the clouds feat paul mullen - don't go awash in this digital landscape
i am your autopilot - airside
the vowels - sonny
-----lp session noah & the whale "first days of spring"
noah & the whale - i have nothing
noah & the whale - love of an orchestra
noah & the whale - stranger
noah & the whale - slow glass
screaming lights - volts
arctic monkeys - potion approaching
reverend & the makers - no soap (in a dirty war)
the rifles - the great escape
i like trains - sea of regrets
the big pink - at war with the sun
amusement parks on fire - in our eyes
animal kingdom - tin man
dinosaur pile-up - opposites attract

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